Krull... you remember it unless you lived under a rock in the '80s (or weren't born or old enough to watch movies).

Back in the '80s, everyone in Hollywood seemed to be trying to come up with the next Star Wars. Krull was one such attempt.

We at wish to offer a new way of reviewing movies: The Krull Scale.

How does it work? Quite simple, in fact. Traditionally, movies have been given 1-4 or 1-5 stars and occassionally you have a half of a star in there. What does that mean to you? Some reviewer rates a movie based on some preset in their own head. How can you possibly know what their reference point is? That problem is solved with the Krull Scale and it offers a larger range of numbers to even allow separating the great from the great. The Krull Scale is subjective.

Why Krull? We believe Krull was one of those movies that was the absolute perfect piece of mediocrity (it was definitely not crap, but neither did it excel in any area). When you finish watching Krull, you feel as if your time was not wasted, but neither was it well spent. Various people have degrees of love or hate for Krull, which is indeed a cult classic. Even if you love or hate Krull, it still sets a reference point for others to know what your rating is in comparison to Krull so they can better understand the rating you give a movie. The Krull Scale is subjective.

What is the Krull Scale range? Krull is 0 on the Krull Scale. It is the standard of mediocrity by which all other movies shall be judged. The Krull Scale tops off at 10 but also offers a -10 for movies that are exceedingly worse than Krull. The Krull Scale is subjective.

Who created the Krull Scale? The concept was originally created by Jesse White of Missouri. The concept spread amongst his group of friends, which includes author/game designer/journalist T. Rob Brown, also of Missouri. T. Rob decided the rest of the world needed to hear about and be given a chance to try out the Krull Scale for themselves, so he created this website.

Where can I find other examples of the Krull Scale in use? Travis Shofler, host of The Movie Brain portion of The Agreeable Brains podcast, uses the Krull Scale in his movie rating system on the podcast. Travis is another member of Jesse White's group of friends.

For those of you who don't already know, T. Rob's home and car were hit by the EF-5 tornado that struck Joplin, Missouri, on May 22, 2011. This website is currently undergoing a revamp as T. Rob is rebuilding all of his websites with a new computer and new software.

DVD List -- here's a way to keep up on some of the things that just might be reviewed at the forthcoming Krull Scale website.

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